Academic Fees

Student Personal Professional Liability Insurance (per year for programs w/clinical) $10 to $65 SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) (FIRE1360L, FIRE180L and FIRE200L) $350
Automotive Supply Fee (excludes AUTO175L, AUTO176L, AUTO275L, AUTO290L, co-ops) $40 Turn Out Gear* (FIRE136L, 180L, and 200L)$100
Automotive Tool Fee (one time) $420 Compliance Tracker (FIRE 225L, PAMD 110L) Fee $35
Automotive Certification Fee $40 EMS Uniform Polo Shirt (FIRE 225L, 238L, PAMD 110L, 120L, 210L, and 220L) Fee $30

Information Technology Vendor (Test Out) Fee $129
CIS 133L, 136L, 261L, 267L, 262L, 252L, 248L

Fire Academy T-Shirt (FIRE 136L, 180L, and 200L) Fee $10
Culinary/Pastry Arts Supply Fee (CULA146L,147L,151L,22L, 225L,254L,255L, 256L, HOS113L, 133L, 202L) $200 Paramedic Clinical Surcharge (PAMD110L& 120L) $500
LNA Competency exam – written $110 EMT Materials and Equipment Fee (FIRE 225L) $100
LNA Competency exam – clinical $80 NREMT EMT Practical Exam Fee (FIRE 225L) $150
Medical Assisting Liability Insurance $20 Paramedic Clinical Surcharge per semester $500
Medical Assisting Certification Exam $160 EMT Materials and Equipment Fee (FIRE 225L) $100
Medical Assisting Criminal Background Check $25 NREMT EMT Practical Exam Fee (Per exam attempt for FIRE 225L) $150-$200
Nursing Simms Kit fee (NURS132L, NURS222L) $41 NREMT Cognitive Exam Fee (FIRE225L) $136
Immunization Tracker Fee $35 AEMT Materials and Equipment Fee (FIRE 238L) $125
Nursing Clinical Surcharge per semester $500 NREMT AEMT Practical Exam Fee (FIRE 238L) $200
Drug Testing Fee (NURS132L, NURS222L) $42 NREMT Cognitive Exam Fee (FIRE 238L) $136
Nursing Liability Insurance Fee $20 NREMT Paramedic Practical Exam Fee (FIRE220L) $200
ATI Nursing Exam Prep Fee (NURS132L, 142L, 222L, 232L) (Paid to ATI) $612.50 NREMT Paramedic Cognitive Exam Fee (FIRE220L) $125
NABCEP Associate (students) $80 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Fee (FIRE110L) $150
NABCEP Associate (non-students) (determined on a case by case basis) $100 Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support Fee (FIRE120L) $150
CPR Certification Fee (FIRE225L and 238L, PAMD110L) $20 FISDAP EMS Tracker Fee (PAMD 110L) $226
Fire Academy Fee (FIRE200L) $1000 Paramedic Materials and Equipment Fee (PAMD 110L & 120L) $150
Fire Academy Fee (FIRE180L) $2000 Mercury Marine MTF Certification Test $25