Admissions Policy for Disabled Students

Lakes Region Community College does not discriminate in admissions, or access, to programs based on disabling conditions in accordance with the American Disabilities Act 1990.  This policy extends to persons with identified, specific learning disabilities under provision Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  An “otherwise qualified” individual is one who can meet all program requirements in spite of his/her disability.   Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to self-disclose their disabilities to be eligible for reasonable classroom accommodations.   These students should provide the Accessibilities Coordinator with the documentation of their disability, including the most recent psychological and academic testing within 3 years.  The Student Success Center provides the latest assistive technology as well as tutors and workshops for learning and study strategies, note-taking and organizational skills.  For more information, contact the Accessibilities Coordinator (603) 366-5243.