The College has designed a schedule of classes for each course that meets the Carnegie unit definition of class time necessary for the average college student to complete the course. It is understood students may miss class due to illness or emergency. When this happens, the student should make every attempt to contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss assignments and makeup opportunities. Students should in all cases notify and consult with their instructor on all absences. Absence for any portion of scheduled class time may constitute an absence. In some cases, students must keep their own attendance records because a financial sponsor requires this for use in advising and recommending students to employers. The instructors will make every effort to accept advance notices of absences due to college events and/or emergencies. It is, however, ultimately the student’s responsibility to plan for missed assignments, tests, lectures, deadlines and other academic activities associated with the lack of attendance.

LRCC encourages attendance in class for several reasons:

  • There is a strong correlation between attending classes and academic success.
  • Material may be available in class that is not in the textbook.
  • Class time has been assigned to each student and that is their time to receive instructor assistance, which is important to the successful completion of the course requirements.
  • Much learning takes place between faculty and students during class. This time is also a chance for students to think, question and clarify ideas and information. pg. 28 Lakes Region Community College Academic Catalog 2022-2023
  • Everyone is expected to make satisfactory progress in classes. Attendance is important so the faculty can assist the student in making satisfactory progress.
  • Students who are not making satisfactory progress should, with the consensus of instructor and advisor, drop the course during the drop period.

Registration for any course presumes the student will attend all scheduled classes, laboratories, and clinics. Students not attending the first class of the semester who have not processed a course drop via the Student Information System (SIS), will be removed from the class roster. Each student is responsible for meeting all class requirements. For an absence rate that reasonably precludes making up missed coursework, barring mitigating factors such as major illness, accident or family emergency, faculty may process an administrative failure form with the Registrar’s Office or award a final grade of “AF” at the end of the term.