AUTO126L: Introduction to Toyota/Lexus Automotive Systems II

Class Program
Credits 1 Lab Hours 0 Class Hours 1
This course builds on the three credit Introduction to Toyota Lexus which is Introduction to Automotive Service course that transferred from the Running Start course or by articulation. This course prepares the student for their first co-op experience by introducing students to safe shop practices; Toyota/Lexus products; maintenance requirements and procedures; periodic motor vehicle safety inspection and tire service. It consists of five Units-Safety and Shop Practices, Maintenance of Toyota/Lexus Automotive Systems, Tire Service, Vibration Correction, and Basic Steering and Brakes. The student will receive credit for Toyota/Lexus courses L005 Introduction to Lexus, 031 Maintenance and General Service, Toyota Express Maintenance T-TEN
AUTO225L with a grade of C or higher