Course Credit Hour Designation

One instructional hour is equal to 50 minutes. Next to each course is the course credit breakdown, shown in three numbers. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week. The second number represents the number of labs, clinical, cooperative education, internship, or practicum hours per week. The third number represents the total number of credits.  


BIOL145L Anatomy and Physiology 3-2-4
PSYC125L Introduction to Psychology 3-0-3

The academic instructional semester consists of no less than 15 weeks and no longer than 16 weeks or their equivalent including final exams. Courses that are delivered in alternate time schedules including summer semester (8-weeks, 12- weeks, etc.) will be shown the same as above, but will be scheduled to reflect the equivalency of the total number of hours. For example, PSYC125L offered on an 8-week schedule would meet 6 hours per week and earn the same 3 credits.