Credit by Examination

Financial Aid does not cover courses in which a matriculated student earns credit through Credit by Examination.  Credit by Examinations count toward the maximum time frame component but are excluded from the student’s cumulative CGPA component and completion rate components. The cost of credit by examination is $25 per credit. 

  • Not all courses are appropriate for credit by examination. Departments will be responsible for determining if a course is eligible for credit by examination. 
  • Credit by examination may be earned only by a matriculated student who, by study, training or experience outside the CCSNH College has acquired skill or knowledge equivalent to that acquired by a student enrolled in the College. A student is eligible for a maximum of sixteen (16) credits through credit by examination. 
  • If the student passes the exam, using criteria developed by the respective department, appropriate credit(s) shall be applied to the student’s academic record and a notation entered on the student’s transcript indicating successful completion. Since a traditional grade (A-F) is not entered, the Credit by Exam is not calculated into the student’s GPA. If the student fails to pass the exam, no entry is made on the academic transcript, but a record of the unsuccessful completion will be maintained in the student’s file. 
  • A student who does not pass the Credit by Exam will be ineligible for another Credit by Exam in that course.