Credit by Examination

Credit by examination provides matriculated students with the opportunity to challenge technical and other courses for which they feel qualified and are prepared and proctored by college faculty.  If students obtain a grade of “C” or better, the credits earned count toward their degree and the academic record will reflect a grade of “CR”.  The academic officer and the instructor coordinate the credit by examination process.  It is required that the exam be taken and graded within the first seven days of the semester.  The student and the Registrar receive notification of the course exam results. 

Students who apply for credit by examination must be matriculated and may apply for credit by examination only for those courses for which they are not currently registered.  The fee for credit by examination is $25 per credit, plus all direct costs associated with providing the laboratory exam.  Students cannot use credit by examination to make up a previously failed course.  If a student earns credit by examination, the enrollment status could change, an action which could affect financial aid status.