Definitions of Modalities

Online – Online courses are designed asynchronously such that material is delivered electronically without required meeting times. Online courses are intended to be structured so that students can complete work on a timeline that fits their own schedule provided that they meet assignment deadlines.

Remote – Remote courses (also called ‘Zoom Live’ courses) are designed as synchronous learning classes. Students are expected to be present virtually at specific meeting times each week to learn material and engage in class. Remote courses are similarly structured to in-person courses with the exception being that meetings are virtual.

Hybrid – Hybrid courses are designed to have a mixture of asynchronous work similar to an online course offering as well as a series of in-person class meetings. Class meetings are not as frequent as in-person or remote courses. To successfully complete a hybrid course, students must attend the class meetings and complete the online assignments.

FLEX – FLEX courses are designed for students to have the choice to attend class meetings remotely or in-person, or take the class fully asynchronously online. Class meetings will be regularly scheduled (similar to in-person or remote courses) and may have students attend in-person and/or remotely. FLEX courses will also be able to completed in the asynchronous online format.