ECE165L: Practicum I in Early Childhood Education

Credits 3 Lab Hours 6 Class Hours 1
Students gain exposure to their professional role while they apply and integrate knowledge acquired through prior coursework. In order to develop appropriate attitudes and skills, and to effectively apply knowledge to the area and education of young children, the student works in a licensed and approved setting under the supervision of a qualified professional. Periodic conferences between the supervisor and the practicum instructor are conducted to evaluate the student's progress. As the close of the semester the student submits documentation relating theory, practice and other practicum learning experiences. Working at the practicum site along with peer review, self-reflection and disclosure combine to create a structure that promotes and supports personal and professional growth. (Student Personal Professional Liability Insurance is mandatory for practicum students.)
ECE121L, ECE123L, ECE124L, and ECE126L. ECE126L may be taken concurrently.