Timothy Barraclough (2021)
Associate Professor, Toyota T-TEN
A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College

Jamie Decato (2002)
Department Chair: Transportation Technologies
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technologies
Master Technician; GM World Class Technician

Certified Master Automotive Technician and Advanced Engine Performance Specialist by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College

Keith Fletcher (2010)
Program Coordinator, Electrical Technologies
Associate Professor, Electrical Technologies

A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College

Alison Frates (2023)
Assistant Professor, Paramedic
M.A.T., University of New Hampshire
Registered Paramedic
Instructor Coordinator

Stephen Freeborn (2015)
Department Chair, Liberal and Professional Studies
Professor, English

M.A., Dartmouth College
B.A., University of New Hampshire

Catherine Fuster (2015)
Department Chair, Computer Information Systems, Graphic Design, Human Services and Interdisciplinary Studies
Professor, Computer Technologies

M.B.A. University of Colorado
B.A. Colorado State University

Kayla Harper (2022)
Associate Professor, Culinary Arts
B.A. Johnson & Wales University
A.S., Lakes Region Community College

Edna N. Hansen (1970-1991)
Professor Emeritus
B.S., Central Connecticut State College
M.S., Central Connecticut College

Diane Lewis (2022)
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
M.Ed., University of Arizona
B.A., Notre Dame College

Scott Maltzie (2017)
Professor, Business Studies
Ph. D., Northcentral University
M.S., New Hampshire College
MBA, New Hampshire College
B.S., Plymouth State College

Ashley Medas (2021)
M.S.N. in progress, Southern NH University
B.S., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Nick Mercuri (2021)
Department Chair, Fire Technology
Professor, Fire Technology

M.H.A. New England College
B.S. Boston College

Julie Morin (1994)
Professor, Mathematics
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lauren Murphy (2012)
Associate Professor, Nursing
M.S.N., Walden University
B.S.N., University of New Hampshire
A.S.N., New Hampshire Technical Institute

Martha Pasquali (2004)
Department Chair, Nursing
Professor, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Florida
B.A., University of South Florida
A.D.N., Brevard Community College

Forrest Powers (2022)
Assistant Professor, GM ASEP
A.A.S Lakes Region Community College

Gary Romagnoli (2021)
Associate Professor Electrical Technologies
B.S. Franklin Pierce University
A.S. NH Technical Institute

Matthew Simon (2020)
Program Coordinator, Math and Science
Associate Professor, Science

Ph.D., Tuft's University
M.S., University of New England
B.S., University of Pittsburgh

Joseph Smith (2018)
Department Chair: Advanced Manufacturing and Electrical Technologies
Instructor, Advance Manufacturing

A.A.S., Lakes Region Community College

Kimberly Stevenson (2021)
Instructor, Toyota T-TEN

Dustin Stream (2021)
Associate Professor, Fire Technology
B.A. University of Maryland

Rachel Sullivan (2021)
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
Ph.D., University of Albany 
M.S. University of Albany, SUNY
B.A. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Amy Tremblay (2013)
Professor, Nursing
M.S.N., Walden University
A.S.N., New Hampshire Technical Institute
General Studies, Indian River Community College

William Walsh (2007)
Department Chair Hospitality Programs
Associate Professor, Culinary Arts

B.S., Nova University
A.S., McIntosh College

Elizabeth Wilson (2013)
Program Coordinator, Art
M.F.A., University of New Hampshire
B.S., Skidmore College