Incomplete Grade

An incomplete grade “I” indicates that a student has not completed a major course assignment (usually a final exam or culminating final assessment) due to extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness, death in the family, etc.  The grade is applied only in those instances where the student has a reasonable chance of passing.  It is not used to give an extension of time for a student delinquent in meeting course responsibilities.  An incomplete contract must be completed by the instructor, signed by the student and filed with the Registrar’s Office prior to the end of the term. 

The work must be completed by the student through arrangement with the instructor no later than: 

  • the end of the third week in the spring semester for a grade issued in the fall semester; 
  • the end of the third week in the fall semester for a grade issued in the summer semester; 
  • three weeks from the earliest start date of the summer semester for a grade issued in the spring semester. 

Should the student fail to complete the work within the designated period, the grade will automatically become an “F” grade.  The Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs may make exceptions to the above deadlines. 

Incomplete grades will not be included in the computation of grade point average (GPA) until a final grade is posted and/or the grade becomes an “F”.  An “I” grade may affect a student’s financial aid  and students should contact the Financial Aid office for further information.