LRCC One-Stop

Kimberly Bean (2005)
Assistant, Financial Aid

Tyler Brown
Admissions Recruiter
B.A. Plymouth State University

Linda Jennings (2010)
B.A. Ithaca College

Sarah McGlynn (2023)
Enrollment Operations Specialist
B.S. Plymouth State University

Kristen M. Purrington (2009)
Financial Aid Director
B.A. Lyndonville State College

Allana Rose (2022)
Admissions Specialist
B.S. State University of New York

Paul Viau (2023)
Ed.D. University of Central Florida
M.S.Ed. Alfred University
B.A. University of Rhode Island

Shawn C Young (2021)
Director of Enrollment Management and Onboarding
M.A. New York University
B.A. State University of NY at Stony Brook