New England Regional Student Program

The program is sponsored by the New England Board of Higher Education. It permits the enrollment of out-of-state New England Residents in selected programs at reduced tuition rates under two eligibility categories: 

The Uniqueness Rule: When a study program is not offered at an in-state institution, a qualified student may apply for enrollment at an out-of-state institution offering that program under the Regional Student Program.  Students enrolled in the GM-ASEP and Toyota/Lexus T-TEN associates degree programs and Marine Technology certificate program and Vermont residents in the Fire Science program are offered in-state tuition rates under this rule. 

The Proximity Rule:  When a program is offered under the Regional Student  Program at both an in-state and an out-of-state institution and the mileage from the students' legal residence to the out-of-state institution is less than the mileage to the home state institution, or if the out-of-state institution is more accessible highways, the student is eligible for Regional Student Program status in any program listed by the institution in the NERSP catalog.  Financial need of an applicant is not an appropriate basis for determining eligibility.     

The only programs open under the New England Regional Student Program in any academic year are those listed in the NERSP (Apple Book) catalog for that particular year.     

Each participating institution determines which of its program will be available under NERSP.    

Withdrawal of programs: If an institution decides to withdraw a program from the   NERSP (but will continue to offer the program), two years advance notice is required in writing prior to the annual spring meeting of NERSP representatives.  Students   currently enrolled as NERSP students in programs subsequently withdrawn from the   NERSP should be allowed to complete that program as NERSP students.   

Admissions Preference/Priority: Applicants for admission under the NERSP are given the same preference as any other applicant.     

Transfer students: Both internal and external transfer students are accepted in   NERSP.  In both cases the student is eligible for NERSP tuition charges from the first   semester he/she is enrolled in the program. If a student transfers out of a NERSP   program but remains in the institution, that student is charged out-of-state   tuition from the first semester of enrollment in the new program.     

Students applying to the NERSP are to be notified of their tuition status upon acceptance as a NERSP student to the institution/program. It is the student's own responsibility to request NERSP status from the institution when he/she applies.  The   institution has no obligation to inform the student of the NERSP and no obligation to give retroactive tuition reduction.    

Tuition charges: Any student enrolled under the NERSP will be charged 50% more than current in-state day tuition rate.