Non-Academic Fees/Fines

Acts of Vandalism Materials & Labor plus 10%
Credit by Exam $25/credit
Damage to Common Area $25.00
Diploma Replacement $20.00
Drug Testing Fee Up to $125/test
Experiential Learning 50% of credit cost of tuition
Housing Activity Fee $75/semester
Housing Deep Cleaning Materials & labor plus 10%
Housing Double Room $4,110.00
Housing Double Room (ASEP/Toyota/Lexus T-TEN) $3,083.00
Housing Single Room $4,610.00
Housing Single Room (ASEP/Toyota/Lexus T-TEN) $3,458.00
Housing Parking Fee $10/semester
Housing Repairs Materials & Labor plus 10%
Housing Security Deposit $250.00
Housing Standard Cleaning $100.00
Housing Summer Weekly Rate- Double $140.00
Housing Summer Weekly Rate- Single $200.00
Library Late Fees $.25/item/day
Library Fees cost of replacement for lost or damaged materials
Proctor Exam Fee for non-CCSNH students $50.00
Skill Assessment Manager $9.00
Transcript $5.00
International Student Admissions Fee $100.00
Key Replacement Materials & Labor plus 10%
Proximity Badge Replacement $25.00
Replacement Student ID $10.00
Payment Plan Fee (when applicable)* $30.00
Late Payment Fee $50.00
Protested Checks Fee* $35.00
Smoking Damage Abatement Materials & Labor plus 10%
Alcohol/Smoking Violation 1st Offense $50.00
Alcohol/Smoking Violation 2nd Offense $100.00
Alcohol/Smoking Violation 3rd Offense $200 each additional offense
False Fire Alarm Fee $350.00
Parking Violation 1st Offense $10.00
Parking Violation 2nd Offense $20.00
Parking Violation 3rd Offense $50.00
Parking Violation 4th Offense $75 each additional offense
Tampering with Fire/Life Safety Equipment $100.00
Public Safety 1st Offense $20.00
Public Safety 2nd Offense $50.00
Public Safety 3rd Offense $100.00