NURS142L: Nursing II

Class Program
Credits 10 Lab Hours 5 Class Hours 3
  • Meds-Surg: The Med Surg portion of Nursing II focuses on the medical surgical nursing care of adult patients with health alterations. Emphasis is placed on health assessment, medication administration, and the care of patients with alterations in selected body systems. Clinical experiences provide the student an opportunity to apply the concepts introduced in Nursing I. The course expands the student’s ability to utilize effective clinical judgement skills and prepares the student to care for more complex patients in Nursing III.
  • Mental Health: This content provides a concentrated experience in the specialty area of mental health nursing. Emphasis is placed on using the concepts introduced in NSG I and II, effective therapeutic communication techniques, completing a psychiatric nursing assessment, discussion of psychotropic medications as a member of an interdisciplinary team in the care of individuals within the mental healthcare clinical setting.

NURS132L with a minimum grade of B-, BIOL145L, PSYC126L with a minimum grade of C