Student Account Deferred Payment Based on Student Hardship

If a student requests a deferred payment based on known student hardship, a request in writing should be submitted to the President of the College. Evidence of good cause to receive a student hardship deferral shall include, but not be limited to: 

  • Death in the student’s family
  • Medical emergency
  • Military commitments
  • Family emergency or
  • A similar problem beyond the control of the student

Within 10 calendar days of the date of receipt of the student’s request for a deferral, the president shall grant or deny the request.  

Upon approval, the following requirements and procedures shall apply:  

  • The president shall execute a written agreement with the student.
  • The agreement shall state when full payment is due.
  • The agreement shall state how full payment should be made.
  • The agreement shall be dated and signed by the president and student.
  • The agreement shall be filed in the Bursar’s Office.