Industrial Automation and Robotics

Degrees and Certificates


IARB116L: Fabrication Technologies

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of basic fabricating and machining skills used to create objects from an idea into to a finished product. Students will learn how to use computer aided design (CAD), blueprint reading, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), the use of precision measuring instruments, 3D print prototypes, material selection, machine shop tools, and in-depth coverage of CNC equipment.

IARB126L: Introduction to Electronics

This course is designed to introduce the basic concept of electricity, electronics circuits, and electronic components. Topics, which span from the sources of energy and Ohm's Law to diodes, circuits, switches, and sensors are covered in a logical sequence with information building upon itself.

IARB236L: Introduction to Microcontrollers

In this course students will be introduced to various microcontrollers, learn how to program them, build functional input/output circuits, and learn how microcontrollers are used in robotics. Students will gain the knowledge of building and implementing “Internet of Things” (loT) devices to solve real world problems.

IARB276L: Industrial Robotics and Automation

Students will be introduced to the principles, systems, and applications for industrial robotics or automated machines. These topics include movement systems, sensing and end-of-arm tooling, control systems and maintenance, coverage of industry 4.0, PLC, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Students will use these skills to design, implement, and demonstrate “Lights Out” manufacturing.