CHEM136L: Principles of Chemistry

Class Program
Credits 4 Lab Hours 3 Class Hours 3

This algebra-based course with integrated laboratory component provides a college-level introduction to the core concepts of chemistry for students new to, or reviewing, the subject. Beginning with the basic concepts of measurement, energy, classification of substances, and chemical terminology, it examines how the history of atomic models leads to the development of the wave mechanics model of the atom and the modern Periodic Table. These are then used in explaining chemical bonding and the nature of ionic, metallic, and covalent substances. Chemical reactions and the mole concept are then introduced leading to stoichiometry problems. Finally, the kinetic theory of particles is used in explaining the behavior of the phases of matter.


MATH137L or MATH 142L with a C or better or competence as demonstrated on math placement exam.) Credit will not be given for more than one of the following courses: CHEM121L or CHEM136L.